Architectural Design

Architectural Design

When it comes to Architecture, an Architectural Plan is the overall planning and design layout of a building. This plan consists of architectural drawings, details of the design, calculations, timeline of the planning of building procedure & any other documents.

Architectural Plans can have various relevant meanings:

  • An architectural project’s plan.
  • The documents of the architectural components of a building project having drawings, outlines, and specifications which is written as well as visual.
  • Architectural design.
  • Floor Plan.
  • Scale Drawing of any structure.

Aspects of Architectural Plan:

  • Buildings: These are structures which are man-made consisting of roof and walls, buildings are available in a wide range of sizes and features. The process of designing and constructing the buildings are done mainly by the collaborative effort of marketing and professionals
  • Design process: A design process might involve a sequence of steps that are followed by the designers depending on the service or product.
  • Architectural drawing: They are used by architects for various reasons such as creating a design outline to execute a corresponding proposal and to allow a building constructor to construct a building.
  • Floor plan: This diagram demonstrates the interaction between rooms and spaces on a single floor. Dimensions are included to indicate the size of the rooms and the length of the walls.
  • Building construction: Is the method of initializing and making buildings & building systems.

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